our winter

Our love of winter is what sets our program apart. In a season when many gravitate inside, we throw open the doors and revel in what the season has to offer. We don’t believe kids should ever hibernate and miss the adventures that the winter season provides.

Please be sure to explain the Elements program to your child. They should understand that we will proceed in the elements: rain and shine, snow and cold, dusk and dark. If they are dressed for the weather and embrace the winter elements, we can promise that fun and friendship will follow!

what to wear…

Let’s pretend or dream for a moment that we live in Switzerland. . .
and it’s winter. . . . Ok, are you there? What would you wisely wear? Layers, layers and more layers. Dressing for the elements is no different than getting ready for football, lacrosse or soccer practice. Coach will not let you play if you don’t have your pads or mouth guard! If your kiddo arrives and isn’t dressed for the conditions, we will need to send him/her home (but welcome them back if they can scramble) for the right attire. It is imperative (and lots more fun) to be dressed for what Mama Nature sends our way!

Our policy is to always dress for the weather and to factor in that the temps drop with the sun! Be prepared!

  • SYNTHETIC BASE LAYER Something close to the skin that wicks away moisture
Something fluffy and downy
Something to keep the wind, water (rain pants and rain coat) and snow (snow pants and coat) out

  • HEAD, HANDS AND FEET Hat, gloves or mittens, warm socks and good boots.
  • HEADLAMP: For the first few weeks it will be dark for a portion of the time your child spends in the ELEMENTS.
  • ADDITIONAL PROTECTION For wet or icy days – we recommend using bread bags or newspaper bags as an additional waterproofing for feet. Just put dry socked foot in bag and then boot up. On those really cold days – we even recommend a ‘Heat Treat Mega Hand or Toe Warmer’ by Grabber MyCoal. These warmers can really take the edge off the chill.

Questions? email us: mrietano@theelementsdc.com


Cold Loves Company!

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