The ELEMENTS, LLC is a DC based, after-school enrichment program. Our focus is in leading elementary school-aged youth in the winter woods for weekly, active, fun, educational afternoons. For each session we typically have 25 kids attend, 5-6 Elements Crew, 1 intern and 1 Site Leader. We are looking for cheerful, outgoing, energetic,  responsible role models who share our commitment and desire to getting kids outside!

ELEMENTS Blizzards 2018 is an 8 week program (1/16/18 – 3/8/18) that will meet at several locations throughout NW DC and the surrounding area. ELEMENTS Flurries 2018 is a 6 week program (week of 1/29/18 – week of 3/5/18).

Our Crew comes from many backgrounds –  college & high-school students, camp counselors, teachers, NOLS, Outward Bound instructors etc. We are also hire outstanding applicants from our partner organization,  City Kids Wilderness Project.  Feel free to apply for our program at any point. We make our final selection for the January 2018 start date in the fall of 2017.

We would love to have you join our energetic, outgoing and outdoorsy team. We are always looking for new faces that are up to the task of ensuring every child involved with the ELEMENTS is having a fun, safe and MEMORABLE experience.


  • You must be 18 years or older to work as a paid Elements Crew or Elements Enrichment Director. You must be 15 or older to work as an paid-Elements intern.
  • Often times the crew coordinates carpools! But you are responsible for getting to and from our Elements sites on time. We reimburse our CKWP interns for any transportation costs they incur getting to or from their Elements shifts.
  • You must be able to commit to the full season (but not necessarily every session) of Elements Flurries and/or Elements Blizzards, and our mandatory training session on the morning of Saturday, Dec. 2nd 2017 or afternoon of Monday, January 15th, 2018. Often times we hire based on what afternoons work with your schedule, so feel free to apply even if you are only available for some of the weekly sessions / locations.


  • You must have experience working with elementary school aged children. Experience could include school settings, camp counselors, scout programs, team coaching, baby-sitting etc., and some outdoor recreation experience, including but not limited to: outdoor clubs, NOLS, Outward Bound, wilderness clubs, Scouting, team sports, summer camps, etc.
  • You need to set the tone for the program and teach by example: the Enrichment Director, Crew and Interns must be responsible, cheerful, punctual and prepared (all of equal importance).
  • You must be dressed for the elements and able to get involved in the activity that the kids are engaged in.
  • You must be able to communicate promptly with the Site Leader.
  • You must become familiar with the Elements locations where you are working.

Positions Available for 2018:


  • The Crew/Interns for ELEMENTS will be responsible for the discussing the day’s activity with the Director.
  • The Crew/Interns will help with any necessary equipment, materials and paper work on site.
  • The Crew/Interns will be at the site in advance of the kids to assist the Director with any necessary set up or walk through.
  • The Crew/Interns will be there to meet with the Director and discuss the day’s program and understand the duties and responsibilities.
  • The Crew/Interns will be on site to cheerfully greet the participants, parents and supervise and lead the activity.
  • The Crew/Interns will assist the Director in making sure all the kids are safe, engaged and having fun. At times this will tap into the improvisational or creative talents of the Elements Assistant.
  • The Crew/Interns will be sure that all the kids are picked up by the appropriate parent or permitted adult.
  • The Crew/Interns will help collect and maintain throughout all ELEMENTS equipment and make sure that it is properly stored.
  • The Crew/Interns are encouraged to communicate with the Director any positive or negative feedback about the activity, participants, parents or other assistants.

Application Guidelines

If you meet the above qualifications and would like to be considered for one of our available positions,
please send an email with the following information to Fran Barnes at:

  • Your resume (if available) or work experience
  • Elements Job Application Form – (see online form below)
  • Two references – email addresses and phone numbers (ideally outdoor or education related)
  • A photocopy of your ID with birthdate (passport or license).

Upon completion of the Elements Application (click below) and upon review of the submitted information, We will contact you to schedule an interview. References will be contacted. Final decisions will be made upon completion and review of all applicants files.

Elements Job Application for 2018 season


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