Elements for Adults: reBOOTS & reTREATS


the Elements reBOOT

7 days of Elements-guided hikes + discounts from the reBOOT Partners

New for our Autumn reBOOT:

  • We’ve added amazing new hike options in Chevy Chase,  McLean & Great Falls while still exploring the array of awesome options in NW DC.
  • We’ve added a really cool outdoor Yoga/Hike adventure. We can promise you that this is gonna stretch those ‘hiker muscles’ & awaken all your senses. Envision – hiking to our outdoor yoga pad surrounded on 3 sides by the Potomac River with the water flowing past &  birds flying overhead. BLISS!
  • We have coordinated our Elements reBOOT dates to match up with the Little Green Seasonal Cleanse. If interested in participating in both, register for Elements reBOOT and you will receive a ‘discount code’ in your confirmation to get a deal when you register for the Little Green Cleanse.
  • rePEAT reBOOTers get a discount and so do your friends!


  • reBOOT = Sunday, September  17 – Saturday, September 23.
  • reBOOT Partner registrations and discounts:
    • Little Green 7 Day Seasonal Cleanse open until Saturday, Sept 17. Please register at www.littlegreen.me
    •  Kitch Kat Catering of Little Green Cleanse meals open until September 7.  Please email Kat (info@kitchkat.com) of Kitch  Kat if you want meals prepped and delivered.
    • Marianne Panke, LMT – Once registered for the reBOOT be sure to schedule your discounted massage appointment with Marianne.

why reBOOT?

  • reBOOT your mojo with a great community of like-minded fresh air enthusiasts!
  • No need to travel, miss work or hire a sitter when you can take advantage of all the awesome trails and amenities (reBOOT Partners) that are right here in our midst.
  • reIGNITE your passion for your health and well-being
  • With Element’s reBOOT and our reBOOT Partners you will give your body and spirit what you need to feel better, look better and function better.

how to reBOOT

The recipe is simple! Add a daily dose (or 2 or 3)  of time outside by coming along on the Elements guided hikes + take advantage of  reBOOT Partner discounts with a sprinkling of wellness practices (yoga, massage, exercise and mindfulness) + a supportive community = a stronger, leaner saner, more radiant YOU.  And if you really want to treat yourself well, then sign up for the 7-day Little Green seasonal detox &  cleanse (subtract sugars, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, meats, wheats and processed foods) and for KitchKat Catering (by September 7) and have Kat prepare and deliver your ‘cleanse meals’

Step #1: register for the Elements reBOOT and rally your pals! For those that want to also do the Little Green Cleanse, you will receive a discount code once you have completed your Elements reBOOT registration.

Step #2:  Look over the reBOOT schedule and mark your calendar with the hikes you would like to join. FYI – most reBOOTers try to join 1 to 2 hikes per day. Also check out the reBOOT Partners info and schedule yourself a massage appointment (or 2 or 3) with Marianne . If interested in combining your time in the Elements with the Little Green Seasonal Cleanse, then register for cleanse at www.littlegreen.me.  And if you plan to have food prepped and delivered by Kitch Kat catering, email Kat for Cleanse-Meal prep (deadline of April 16th).

Step #3: relax and be on look out for your first Elements support email (from me, Margaret) on Friday, September 15.

what’s included?

COST: $125 for first time reBOOTers.

  • 7 days of Elements guided, woodland walks (1-4 choices/day) & Yoga/Hike
  • Reduced rates with our reBOOT Partners
  • Daily email support from both Margaret Rietano of The Elements


cancellation/refund policy

  • reBOOT: If you have registered for the reBOOT and have to cancel prior to the  September 17 start, we will refund your payment less $50.



the Elements reTREAT

an easy-breezy Lexington, VA escape

Tuesday, October  24th – Thursday, October 26th, 2017

reTREAT Schedule

why reTREAT?

Gotta love a grand hiking adventure to Europe or New England. But why not snap up adventure in smaller,  geographically closer sips. Treat yourself to a spectacular escape in the Lexington, VA region for some tail-kicking Shenandoah Mountain hikes, scrumptious food and the blissful comfort at The Georges, a Boutique Hotel . Rest assured that we will enjoy some Swiss chocolates at the summit!

how to reTREAT?

Step #1: register by October 3rd and rally your pals! We need a minimum of 6 reTREAters and max of 12.

Step #2: make your reservation at The Georges (540-463-2500) and mention that you are part of the Elements Autumn 2017 reTREAT

what’s included?

COST: $275

*accommodations at The Georges Hotel are not included

  • Wednesday pre-hike yoga at the Center for Gravity, post-hike tea at the Georges.
  • Trail-side scrumptious picnics on Wed. & Thur. & 3-course farm to table Tuesday dinner at the acclaimed Red Hen Restaurant
  • Shuttle rides to and from our Wednesday hike
  • Elements guided hikes on both  Wednesday & Thursday.
  • Two guides (Margaret and assistant) as support and lots of good conversation and camaraderie.

who can handle these hikes?

  • The hikes have been explored and researched by Elements guides. Final routes will be set as we get closer to reTREAT but rest assured that there will be beautiful views and diverse terrain.
  • Expect mileage to be between 6 and 8 ‘mountainous miles’ per day with steep elevation gains & descents and at times very rugged, loose footing (roots, rocks, rubble). These are the mountains of VA and may not be appropriate for beginner hikers or those with tweaked joints (ankles/knee/hips).
  • Please contact Margaret (mrietano@theelementsdc.com) if you want details on the mileage and terrain of the reTREAT hikes.

inclement weather plan

  • If the weather is awful or unsafe for our hikes we  will  provide reTREATers with a list of things to do in the Lexington area.

cancellation/refund policy

  • If you have registered for the Hiking reTREAT and have to cancel prior to October 3rd, we will refund your Elements registration less $50.
  • If you cancel after October 3rd (and we are unable to fill your spot from the wait-list), we will refund your Elements registration less $150.
  • No refunds for cancellations after Oct 16.
  • If you are on the reTREAT wait list and we are unable to add you to our active roster,  we will refund your payment in full.
  • Please familiarize yourself with The Georges Hotel cancellation policy